•"Mimi nimerudia Maina na King'ang'i or Mwakideu all because of that empty partner of yours Oga Obinna." - Kamaah

Oga Obinna smiling
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Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna has responded to a fan who compared him to Jalang'o.

The fan claimed Obinna is stupid adding that he was not the best suited for that position.

Kamaah Jones said he has decided to be listening to Maina Kageni instead.

"For sure mimi nimerudia Maina na King'ang'i or Mwakideu Milele all because of that empty partner of yours Oga Obinna," he wrote in part. 

Obinna responded;

"Professor of livestock please come unifunze niwache kuwa ngo'mbe nikuwe kondoo kama wewe."

Oga Obinna
Image: Instagram

Obinna took over after Jalang'o quit to join politics where he will be vying for the Langata Parliamentary seat.

Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke, Obinna said he is ecstatic as one of his dreams had come true.

"I have always wanted to do a breakfast show on radio, and for it to happen on Kiss FM, it's a wrap," he said.

"Mama, we made it. Even if I only do it for a month, my resume is changing immediately after I get on air."

Obinna said when called for an interview, he was confused, happy and worried.

He was among other comedians, who were put through trial runs before the station decided on who takes over after Jalang'o exits to pursue his political ambitions.

"I was still worried if I'll deliver how it's required and the company took time to settle on one of us," he said.

He said his fans should look forward to his best and thanked them for the positive feedback when he came for the trial.

"I did not expect such positive feedback from my fans," he said. "I'm always the guy who is dissed or hated online. This time, guys supported me, I even got worried. I was like, are they sure I'm still Obinna?"

The comedian and Kamene Goro have good chemistry working together has only made that stronger.

"Potential boyfriends are about to get more jealous, brace yourselves, winter is coming. Kamene is safe," he said.

Working on Kiss FM breakfast show for him means giving the best, more pressure, more challenges to tackle, and more exposure.

He has worked in radio stations for more than seven years and has done late-night shows, mid-morning, drive shows but has never done breakfast shows.

He said the first qualification of a breakfast presenter is to wake up early and show up.

"I need people to wake me up. That's all, after I'm awake and at the studio, leave the rest to me."

Obinna said radio is something he has always enjoyed doing. He encouraged fans to remain focused in all they do.

"Thanks for the support online so kindly bring it on air. Our work is just beginning and I need you all," he said.

"The universe has its plans for you. I'm praying and hoping that your best for today will be your worst tomorrow. Those who want to do things, start, make a plan and begin, hope is not a strategy."


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