• Prophetess Monicah says most ministers of God, go through tough times in their marriages in silence trying to protect the ministry, something she discouraged.

Prophetess Monicah
Image: Instagram

Prophetess Monicah Nyambura has come out to address domestic issues affecting gospel ministers.

While paying tribute to the late Nigerian artiste Osinachi, who allegedly died as a result of domestic violence, Monica said the story broke her heart.

The woman of God, who allegedly left her marriage due to various issues said she values the institution of marriage but God would not be happy when one dies from the same.

"It has taken me days to digest this story. I love marriage,I honor marriage, I believe in marriage, I know marriage works. Marriage is ordained by God. It's an institution that is respected by God so much. But when God established it, it was for good and not the other way round. God hates divorce I know. But God will not be happy when you die in the name of protecting divorce."

Monicah added that most ministers of God, go through tough times in their marriages in silence trying to protect the ministry, something she discouraged.

"I want to talk to us ministers of the gospel, singers and preachers. We go through a lot in marriage in silence in the name of protecting the ministry and religion, both men and women. We worry so much about what people will say.

We worry so much if society will accept us. We worry so much if we will be invited to sing, if people will come to our churches if we divorce, we worry what kind of an example we will be portraying in the world. "

She asked the society to stop judging pastors and singers who quit their marriages.

"If you see a pastor or singer or an influencer getting out of marriage please don't rush to judge. Some of us are running for our dear lives. Some of us have seen death coming, and our partners abuse us knowing we will cover up, knowing we are afraid to be called divorcees,we are afraid to lose ministries.

Please let us be, stop asking some painful questions that break us even more, instead pray for us . We go through things we cannot be able to talk about openly,most of the time we minister when so broken.

When we die you blame us,why we stayed in an abusive marriage, when we leave you say we are not good examples to the society. Please give us a break.Finally I want to say if marriage is your highway to death, leave it.

No one deserves to die in marriage, men/women of God are dying everyday and we hide in high blood pressure, Cancer and many more. You are needed by your parents, your family, your children if not the society. If you are here abusing the partner God gave you, please allow him/her to go, it's not by force."

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