• Kimani Mbugua explained, "Your brain goes out of reality when you are doing drugs. After I smoked weed I started seeing things out of reality, I developed schizophrenia."

Kimani Mbugua
Image: Instagram

Former Citizen TV host Kiman Mbugua has narrated how it feels like to get high on hard drugs.

He narrated this in an interview with Lily Mwangi on his journey to recovery from drug addiction.

"In February 2022 I smoked and got my first high. If you do drugs your first high is the best and it never comes back. You might end up chasing it for the rest of your life.

I would get images of a woman giving me sexual pleasure, it felt so real."

He added, "Your brain goes out of reality when you are doing drugs. After I smoked weed I started seeing things out of reality, I developed schizophrenia.

The first diagnosis I received was an acute psychotic episode, to show that something huge had happened to me."

Kimani narrated more about his psychotic episode where he always saw a woman.

"I was eager to stop this woman in my 'dreams'.  I would sometimes smoke weed after the show and just chill in the parking lot.

The day it exploded I was going home with my fiance when I felt the sensation come in. I had taken a lot of cigarettes, red bull and some weed."

Kimani stopped the car in the middle of the road and got out.

"I started marching and saluting, in some mind I had been initiated into a military force. My fiance started screaming asking me to get back into the car.

I got back but not long after, I got into an accident. I felt like I had died and gone into another world yet I was still alive.

She called my friends who we had met 30 minutes before.

They took us to the police station and paid my bail I went home that night but things got worse."

Kimani was taken to Avenue Hospital for treatment.

NB: If you choose to drink or use other drugs, it is important to be aware of the wide range of effects that these substances have on your judgment, behavior, and health.

The world drug problem remains an urgent challenge that threatens to exacerbate pandemic impacts and hinder a healthy and inclusive recovery. 

The forthcoming World Drug Report 2021 from the United Office on Drugs and Crime shows that deaths attributed to disorders related to drug use have nearly doubled over the past decade. New HIV infections among adults worldwide have declined in recent years, but not among people who inject drugs, who accounted for 10 per cent of new infections in 2019.

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