Ex-lovers, Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri spotted together (photo)

Makena Njeri and Michelle Ntalami both attended the Fireboy concert

• Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri had a contentious break-up late last year.
• Michelle Ntalami seemed to be enjoying herself in the video Makena posted on her social media.

in the past
Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami in the past
Image: Instagram

Fireboy's concert yesterday night might have united ex-lovers, Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri.

What proof do we have?

Makena Njeri and Michelle Ntalami in the past
Image: Courtesy

Some clues that Mpasho.co.ke has been able to gather from the two celebs' social media pages.

Michelle started the guessing game when she posted a cute photo of herself in a black hat on her Instastories.

But that wasn't the thing that got our spidey senses tingling, it was her caption that read, 'Girl'. It would all make more sense later on when we looked at Makena Njeri's own Instagram page. 

In her stories, Makena is seen taking a video of herself with someone who is most likely Michelle in the background. In the video Michelle is facing away from the camera but she seems to be very happy swinging her hips from side to side.

in a room together
Michelle Ntalami with Makena Njeri in a room together
Image: Instagram

While the clues might sound like a stretch to some, there were more breadcrumbs that the two shared online that convinced us the two were together sometime yesterday night.

One of those pieces of evidence was that both Michelle and Makena were prominent brand influencers for the Fireboy concert that took place yesterday-That they both attended.

both attended the Fireboy concert
Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri both attended the Fireboy concert
Image: Instagram

Also, the clothes that Makena and Michelle were seen wearing in videos they posted from the concert, are similar to the ones that they were wearing in the video clip Makena posted.

If one goes over the videos posted by Michelle's close friend Lord Githinji, one can see that she is wearing the same outfit (black and red dress plus a Godpapa hat) at the concert as the one seen in her video with Makena.

at the concert
Michelle Ntalami with Lord Githinji at the concert
Image: Instagram

Makena herself also posted a photo of herself in her elegant red American Football jacket.

wearing the red American Football jacket
Makena Njeri at the concert wearing the red American Football jacket
Image: Instagram

Now that we are done laying our case, I must ask what all of us surely must be wondering about:

Are the two back together? When did they settle their differences? Or was their meeting an odd coincidence?

Only they know. As they say in Waswahili, "Mambo ya watu wawili achana nayo." 

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