Thee Pluto urges Mulamwah and Sonnie to do DNA test

•"I found out that they had been seeing each other for over a year." - Mulamwah

in earlier times
Carrol Sonnie with Mulamwah in earlier times
Image: Instagram

Kenyan You Tuber, Thee Pluto, has advised Mulamwah and Sonnie to get a DNA test as far as their daughter is concerned.

Pluto says that will help them solve the issues going on between them after Mulamwah alleged that Sonnie cheated on him.

'Fanyeni DNA kuliko mtoane nguo hadharani,' advised Pluto.

Mulamwah had earlier on taken to his socials claiming that he did not father Sonnie's daughter.

Mulamwah had also alleged that he had been being cheated on.

"She cheated on me with a man living at *********.

I found out that they had been seeing each other for over a year. In fact, during lockdown I was burning down my shirt in stress she was living in his house. That's when we first broke up."

But that wasn't all, Mulamwah had a lot to get off his chest even saying that he had proof of Sonie's alleged indiscretions,

"The neighbours send me videos of them partying and kissing. I still have them, some bloggers too. We were by then doing 'Keeping up with the Mulamwahs'.

Asked her to apologize but she claimed that she was told I was cheating too. I played dumb, I apologized for her mistakes, got her paged, and left."

The couple had earlier broken up before getting back together under unclear circumstances.

Sonnie had in an interview with Massawe Japanni said she is not afraid of taking a DNA test.

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