• Andrew Kibe has introduced his own lingo into the sheng language.
• Andrew Kibe uses the lingo on his daily podcasts.

Andrew Kibe posing
Image: Instagram

The reason Andrew Kibe is relevant in the social conversation right now might be up for debate. But what isn't up for debate is the top position he currently occupies in the current entertainment landscape as a social commentator.

That is made evident by the popularity of words that he has coined that have become part of the modern sheng lingo.

Today I will be going through some of those words and try my very best to explain what they mean in spirit and truth. Let's begin;


It is a derogatory term for a socially inept man who doesn't know how to deal with women in relationships.


A man who is easily led; a meek or timid person whose thought and action which is controlled by the opinions and expectations of others.


This is a socially-engineered s*mp.


His nickname for musician Bahati.

Poko Haram

This is a term for promiscuous women.

Walking d*ld*

A man who owes his success to his bedroom prowess and not his brains.


This is his term for lesb*ans.

Mtoto was D

Another nickname for Bahati.


A nickname for  Akurinos.

Jua Kalulu

A nickname for Jua Cali.

Kanye Ka West

Obviously, this is a nickname for Kanye West.

Luo Vandross

This is his nickname for a certain man who begged his woman to marry him while serenading her with a song. All captured on video.

Choke Jingli

Honestly,  I am still trying to work this one out. But he normally says it in frustration.

Caveat: This list isn't exhaustive nor is it the definitive guide. Mistakes might have been made in the translation. My apologies.

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