• The celebrity dancer became an Internet sensation with his sleek dance moves in the streets.

Moya David dancing for a female tout
Moya David dancing for a female tout
Image: Screengrab

Dancer David Moya has warned Kenyans to beware of conmen using his name to extort their money.

The street dancer shared details of a fake account created using his name by the swindler.

The miscreant who posed as David requested Kenyans to help him raise funds in order to purchase a higher quality camera.

"Hello guys we need to buy this HD camera support with what you could have to improve quality production."

The swindler even posted his pay pal account, phone number, and the till number where the money was to be sent.

David Moya
Image: Facebook

Reacting to the fake news, the dance sensation quickly alerted netizens not to fall into  a trap.

"To all my social media family be aware of con men out there using my name to extort money to purchase cameras and also fake appearances and bookings," he wrote.

He urged his fans to contact him if need be and create awareness by sharing the news. 

"Video call to confirm if necessary, share widely" he noted.

The viral dancer and TikToker become an internet sensation for his antics in markets and bus stages in the streets of Nairobi.

Kenyans have come to love and appreciate his creativity as recently he has been warming the hearts of many Kenyans with his cute dance moves.

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