22-year-old actor, Govi, admits to dating older women

Govi admits that he has dated older women in the past

• Govi participated in a QnA with fans with one asking him whether he would date an older woman?
• Govi noted that as long as he and the older woman had chemistry, he didn't mind.

posing on a sofa
Govi posing on a sofa
Image: Instagram

Yesterday, Malik Lemmy, or Govi as many Kenyans who loved Machachari know him as, came out with an interesting revelation.

The always smiling Govi had engaged in an interesting question and answer session with his fans on Instagram.

The 22-year-old was asked whether he would ever date a lady who is older than he is? Govi was forthright and said that he had no issue with it, adding that it was something he had done already.

He told the fan,

"Uhh yeah! Mi bora nimekutambua na umenitambua...Kwanza in my life I've been used to older since back then." (Uh yes, As long as we have chemistry...In my own life, I have actually dated older ladies from back then)

about dating older ladies
Govi's message about dating older ladies
Image: Instagram

Govi's admission comes at a time when society is witnessing more couplings between older men and younger women.

Govi's fellow celeb Guardian Angel caused a hullabaloo in 2020 when he introduced his now-wife, Esther Musila who was 20  years older than him.

in a file photo
Esther Musila with Guardian Angel in a file photo
Image: Instagram

To this day, the couple is still being harassed by some Kenyans who believe the pairing shouldn't happen because they believe Esther is too old to give Guardian his own kids.

But the couple is still going strong 2 years on and their relationship is now better than ever.

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