• According to Doreen Moraa people should learn to stay true to their feelings and emotions.

Doreen Moraa
Doreen Moraa

Doreen Moraa who is a social influencer championing against HIV/AIDs stigma, claims that there is nothing like just checking up on someone, according to her, that is living in denial.

The influencer finds it an indirect approach when someone does that, the person could be interested in you but choose to pretend.

In her Instagram post, she advised people to stop hiding their true feelings and just come out and shoot their shot.

"There is nothing like you were just checking on me... you love me, stop living in denial," she said.

The social influencer Doreen Moraa is encouraging people to talk about what they feel. There are many ways of telling someone you love them, and checking up on them is considered among them.

According to her if you have the opportunity to tell the individual that you have feelings for them then you should go ahead.

Sometimes our efforts are not noticed but we try our best, by coming up with new lines to seek attention. 

Doreen Moraa has set the record straight for both men and women to open up about what their interests are.

Her Instagram followers seem to agree with her, "you are the hero," one of her followers commented. Another jokingly commented that he would love to check up on her.

Doreen was awarded the Stigma Warrior Award 2020 by the International Stigma Award.

She was born with HIV and has been using her social media platforms to fight stigma. She once disclosed that her boyfriend left her on their first date just after she told him about her status.

She however believes that she will find love.

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