Nandy reveals she goes through her lover's phone anytime

Nandy says they do not have mistrust issues

• Nandy says sharing phones with lover does not show that there is trust issues.

in a file photo
Billnass with Nandy in a file photo
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian singer Nandy and her long term fiancé Billnas have the freedom to each other's phone.

Nandy revealed to Tanzanian bloggers that the two share their phones and that they can go through all applications of their partner's phone anytime.

Nandy explained that it is not that she does not trust him but they have agreed to do so.

"Reading his messages does not mean we don't trust each other. I don't go direct to his messages.

It's like we share our phones. He can do anything with my phone and I can use his phone anytime. Billnas has the freedom of my phone and so do I."

Bill Nas proposed to Nandy during an official introduction ceremony held in Tanzania a few weeks ago.

The happy couple wore matching black and gold outfits.

This was the second time that Nas has proposed to the ‘Ninogeshe’ hitmaker.

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