• The bride chose to wear a short black dress rather than the usual white gowns everyone does.
• The Nigerian bride was instantly attacked for her wardrobe choice.

The Nigerian bride and her groom
The Nigerian bride and her groom
Image: Twitter

A bride from Nigeria caught the attention of thousands of people after she shared photos from her civil wedding.

Her post received over 24 thousand likes, 3 thousand re-tweets and 591 comments.

She looked stunning in a short black dress with lace, sheer black stockings, black heels, her chopped natural hair and a minimal face beat. While her husband rocked an all-white suit, not your usual suit and tie though.

The groom wore white loose-fitting pants and a tucked-in half sleeve white collar shirt, he also had his hair braided in neat stitch cornrows.

Some people celebrated the couple, applauding them for being different and choosing to do what they wanted without the fear of, "What would people think?"

But as usual, there were the fashion police who feel they have a right to everyone's life, their unsolicited opinion matters and they're always right.

A few netizens attacked the couple for their unconventional wedding outfits probably because over the years the white dress has gained so much popularity.

In olden times it was used to symbolize purity, then it became a status symbol as it spoke volumes about the bride's wealth.

Here are a few of the comments below;

@Benson : Seems like you people mums don't have church group or cooperative society

@Chinaza : When is the white wedding though?

@Yeoflagos : Nonsense....

@Abdulhakeem : Why husband go plate hair and wife do old school style... jeez

What do you guys think about this couples choice of wedding attire?

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