• Netizens have been wondering who the lucky man is because he undoubtedly has landed himself a hot babe.

Melvin Ibrahim
Melvin Ibrahim
Image: Instagram

The flamboyant Keroche heiress,Anerlisa Muigai  has finally revealed the face and name of her new bae.

Taking it to her Instagram page,the boss lady shared video clips and photos of the mysterious man who she is madly in love with.

This came to light in one of  her friends' birthday party where she even tagged him in one of the photos.

The renowned businesswoman has in no doubt moved on after breaking up with her Tanzanian celebrity musician, Ben Pol back in 2021.

She has recently been posting romantic video clips and cosy photos of her new catch hiding his face for reasons best known to her.

The alleged lover who goes by the name Ibrahim Melvin is the director of Apex Automotive solutions, a firm that deals with motor vehicles.

What gave him away was his Silver neck chain which he has been spotted wearing in a number of photos posted by Nero company.

 The good looking lad recently surprised Anerlisa with a bottle of very pricey champagne worth Ksh 64,999 setting the bar high for men out there.

Wishing them the best of luck as they embark on their beautiful  journey together.

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