• Jovial revealed how a fan had s*xually harassed her.
• The singer explained that she had taken matters into her own hands.

Jovial smiling in a black and white image
Image: Instagram

RnB singer, Jovial has opened up about a troubling experience she had this past weekend that happened at an event she was attending.

The singer who is well-known for her lovely collaborations with Otile Brown related how a fan had assaulted her after performing on stage.

She revealed this information in her Instastories writing,

"So for the first time, a fan disrespectfully grabbed my a** after performance tukipitaa kuenda kukaa!"

She added that she had taken matters into her own hands and dealt with the s*xual harasser herself! 

"Labda nikutaarifu tu kama wewe pia una hiyo tabia! Maana hata yeye hakutarajia nawe kugeuka mbogo ghalfa! I'm not gonna wait for security to take action!  Ntakuvuruga!"

She finished by stating that she was confident the man who had harassed her wouldn't do it again after the brutal way she dealt with him.

"Ninauhakika hawezi rudia tena!"

Check out the screenshot below;

about her assault
Jovial's statement about her assault
Image: Instagram

Just a week ago, Nigerian sensation, Ruger, left the stage in a huff after a female fan s*xually assaulted him.

A woman in the front row had grabbed his genitals as he entertained the crowd at the Industry Night event.

This caused a visibly upset Ruger to storm off the stage a few moments after the incident with many online agreeing that such behaviour shouldn't be tolerated. 

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