• Eric Omondi gives Ezekiel Mutua a proposal that will bring back the hope of  Kenyan musicians

• The president of comedy asks Mutua to show his worth to the entertainers

Eric Omondi and Ezekiel Mutua
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Comedian Eric Omondi proposed to MCSK's Ezekiel Mutua about establishing a music award show.

According to the comedian, Mutua has been given a second chance to absolve himself. In Eric's opinion, there is a way to bring back the lost faith of artists in MCSK. 

The president of comedy Eric, through his Instagram account, urged the newly appointed CEO of the MCSK to establish music awards that will recognize and award performing Kenyan artists.

The comedian asked Mutua to prove to Kenyans that he is able and can give solutions to the problems that the Kenyan music industry is currently facing. 

By this, he offered a solution to assure Kenyans that all is not lost and something can be done, performing artists to be seen and even rewarded.

"Daktari,@ezekielmutua_ Life rarely gives us a second chance but when it does then we are called upon to give it our very best. This is your chance to absolve yourself and here is how you can do it. Artists lost faith in MCSK and this is a great paradox because if MCSK is here for the artists and the artists have no faith in it, it lacks purpose," the comedian wrote.

"Here is my proposal to you. Let us establish a music awards show that will recognize and award performing artists.  Inject money back into the industry. This will help bring back life into the industry which is currently lacking. July 2nd, 2022 is my proposed date. Kazi kwako!" he added.

However, Willy Paul, one of the Kenyan artists disagreed with Eric and said that the awards are bullshit because of the corruption in the country. According to him, artists should just be given their money.  

"Bro awards ni bullshit because ile corruption iko hapo ni ya juu sana...so watu walipwe pesa zao waende tu!! awards ni taka taka kubwa hii country!!  (There is so much corruption in the county so artists should just be  given their money, awards are nonsense in this country)."

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