Double jubilation! List of twins who got same marks in KCPE over the years

The twins are not only identical but also have like-minded.


• It's on a rare occasions that you get to hear of twins who have scored similar marks or grades in the National exams.

Image: Trevor Owen

How many times have you heard of twins getting the same KCPE  KCSE marks? A few. Right?

It is not common to find twins who not only share looks or are born at the same time but also have great minds that think alike.

In Kenya, there are only a few who make it to the list and below is a list of twins who attained similar KCPE marks over the years.

  • Shirleen Juma and Stacy Juma

Six years ago, Shirleen and Stacy made headlines when they both scored 408 marks in the 2015 KCPE exams.

They later joined St Brigid's Secondary school where they still scored a similar grade where they scored an A- of 74 points.

The twins are not only identical but also have like-minded and a great bond indeed.

Being admitted to the University of Nairobi, they are pursuing different career paths where Shirleen is pursuing medicine whereas Stacy is pursuing law.

  • Victor Kuria and Vincent Kahari

Victor and Vincent are identical twins who sat for their  KCPE exams in 2016 where they both scored 394 marks.

They later joined the same high school and coincidentally got a similar grade in the recently released 2020 KCSE results.

They both got an A- and revealed that they both would pursue medicine as they aspire to become doctors in the future.

  • Mark Gachau and Maxwell Gachau

The identical twins from Nanyuki wowed many in 2019 when both got 400 marks in the 2019 KCPE exams.

From St. Christopher School in Nanyuki the two impressed many as they had never before gotten similar marks and one of the twins was out of school for over a term and still managed to perform well.

Mark who never went below 400 marks was index number 8 while his brother Maxwell was number 22.

  • Bett Lindsey Kiprotich and Bett lee Kiprotich

  Lindsey and her twin brother lee are over the moon as they are among the best performing candidates in the country.

They both scored 414 marks in the 2021 KCPE exams where they scored As in all subjects except Mathematics where they both got 85 marks.

The results took them by surprise as it was the first time they got the same marks ever since they joined Mountain view school.

  • Myron Kipkoech and Malva Chepkorir

The 14-year-old fraternal twins scored 392 in the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams at Utawala Academy in Nairobi.

Being in the same classroom, the two were very much competitive in that their index numbers followed each other.

Chepkorir was index number 16 while her twin Kipkoech was index 17.

Kipkoech stated that his dream career was Architecture while his sister Chepkorir aspired to be a paediatrician in the future.

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