'It was not supposed to be this soon,' Baha's girlfriend on pregnancy

Most of her friends were not aware of the news.


• Many are describing Georgina Njenga and  Tyler Mbaya as the youngest celebrity couple so far in the country.

Georgina Njenga, girlfriend to Tyler Mbaya aka Baha has made a very revealing revelation concerning her pregnancy.

In a Q $ A session with her Instagram fans the content creator revealed that the pregnancy was too soon but was totally okay with it.

However young they may be, the cute couple finally revealed their pregnancy plan.

"We have talked about having babies but it was not supposed to be this soon but we also had conversations that if ever happened we will be okay with having one," she wrote.

The young mother also revealed that she was mentally prepared as they had earlier on discussed having kids together in case it happened.

Although she is way past five months, the cute lass revealed that most of her friends were not aware of the news.

Early last year, the beautiful model had expressed her intentions to become a mom at 24 noting that it was also okay if it happened before.

Being a young couple, they are already giving baby fever to most couples as they are only in their early 20s.

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