• Phoina added that most of her beauty knowledge came from YouTube.

• The biggest challenge she is dealing with different people with different backgrounds.


at the event
Phoina Tosha with her beautiful mother at the event
Image: Mercy Mumo

Beauty queen Wamboi popularly known as Phoina Tosha says her mum has been the biggest support system in her life.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Phoina said she initially studied Mass Communication but along the way, quit the job after realizing she was too shy for the camera.

Born in Thika, Phoina was the only child and was raised by her mum and grandma.

"I was okay since I had cousins around and they were like my siblings."

Does she miss having siblings?

"I have always wished to have a sibling but I did not miss anything. My mum was 19 years when I was born. She is like a sister to me. I am always with her. she is my number one supporter. It is a blessing for me. I didn't miss out having a sibling."

Phoina recently launched her cosmetic shop on Riara Road where she sells a variety of beauty products. 

"It is in Riara road, Sebuleni center. I have always loved makeup since I was young. My mum used to love beauty. I was at one point suspended for doing makeup to other students," she said.

"I used to make my mom's hair and my granny. I did mass Com and I wanted to be a TV host. After the internship, I did not want to do this. It was too much for me. Having to speak on air was stressful. I decide to do something that I loved."

Phoina added that most of her beauty knowledge came from YouTube.

"Even now, that is what I tell my student. It has taken me over 10 years. I did a lot of groundwork since I had a shop in town. I will document my story.

She said the biggest challenge is dealing with different people with different backgrounds.

"A lot of things happen and it is not easy dealing with difficult clients.

Speaking about who funds her business, Phoina said she has a mum who is very supportive.

"I was a freelance businessperson. I started in my bedroom then clients overwhelmed me and I opened a big place. My mum gave me funds and I am lucky to her by my side."

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