• Nadia said she almost fought the promoter for not understanding her while on stage.

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Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy looking great together
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Singer Nadia Mukami juggling her music career and loss was the toughest thing in her life.

Speaking on her YouTube Chanel, the mother of one said pregnancy is not an easy journey neither is loss.

Nadia revealed that she lost her pregnancy in April last year which took a toll on her.

She opened up on how a certain promoter took her through hell when she had immediately lost her baby.

Nadia said she almost fought the promoter for not understanding her while on stage.

She performed five days after she had gone through the miscarriage since the promoter said she was paid and had to honor that.

"Pregnancy made me feel like men are irritating. Pregnancy is not easy. It's bitter-sweet. Through what we have been through situations. My body was weird and so emotional," she narrated.

"I had a miscarriage and I went through loss on April 12 last year. Juggling miscarriage and work were the worst. I went through counseling and it helped me so much."

Nadia explained;

"I used to feel like the promoter did not understand me. I got out of the hospital and we went to perform after 5 days. They treated us bad and booked bad hotels for us. Female artists go through a lot. I paid for another hotel for my team.

Then, since I was not well, I performed for half an hour and they called goons for me to return on stage. I almost fought them," she said.

Arrow said he had warned her against working with the promoter.

Nadia insisted that those handling female artists should be careful as sometimes women go through phases.

"I was badly trolled after that show but I could not explain to my fans. I got pregnant at the top of my career and I can say, women are strong people.

Right now, I think the only thing could ever break me is going through the loss process since no one cares about your journey. I have had the worst and I cut off so many people. I have decided to choose me."

Nadia said the journey made her lose friends and business.

"I am still the most streamed and subscribed. I could have quit because of the people out here. Right now, I wanna be vulnerable and encourage anyone who has gone through loss, hang in there. God came through for me. It is a scar that you have to live with for the rest of your life."

Nadia welcomed a baby boy over the weekend.

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