Watch: Grace Ekirapa's sisters leave her in tears over memorable gift

• TV presenter Grace Ekirapa's sisters promised to be there for her after she welcomes her bundle of joy.

Ekirapa sisters
Ekirapa sisters

Media Personality shed tears of joy during her thanksgiving party after her sisters gifted her with a portrait of her late mum who passed away 22 years ago.

Ekirapa's sisters promised to be there for her after she welcomes her bundle of joy.

The TV host's sister described her as a caring person.

The lovely sisters told Grace they decided to gift her with something she will see for the rest of her life.

Showering their late mother with praises, they said her mum would have been happy to be a grandma.

While showing her the portrait, it was at this moment that Grace broke down and wept uncontrollably.

"We have a small gift for you. I know, there's one person who would have really loved to be here with us but she couldn't make it. If she would be here, she would be proud of you and so we thought of making you this. This is our mom who passed away."

"This portrait signifies as much as she is not with us today, she is always with us. This picture is to remind you that just before you received your first bundle of joy, mama was with you. She lives in all of us."

It was during the same event that her husband Pascal Tokodi announced they lost a pregnancy last year.

"It has been a tough journey...we are here now giving thanks. This is our second try. We lost our first try around June. It was hard...but we are here again and we thank God. With eight months now...we're going to nine months. We are hoping for many more years."

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