Karen Nyamu tells of journalist prodding relationship with Samidoh

• Nyamu and Samidoh have two kids a son and a daughter.

Karen Nyamu with Samidoh
Karen Nyamu with Samidoh
Image: courtesy

Karen Nyamu has told off journalists prodding whether she co-parents with Samidoh or not?

Speaking during an event (1 Mic Cause, 30 artists) held to fundraise cash to clear Akuku  Danger's hospital bill, Nyamu warned,

"How are things between you and Samidoh? Are you co-parenting OK?" posed the journalist.

To which  an agitated Nyamu responded,

"Sidhani inahusu mtu yeyote hapa. Let me not answer that question because people are waiting for it so that they can twist it.

It hurts me when I do important stuff for the youth but all people talk about is my baby daddy. I do not want to be putting my private life out in the public. There is something I am currently working on."


"I understand that such stories sell but please be balancing issues. I am challenging you to be writing good stuff as well, not only the bad ones always."

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