• DJ Mo's new phone cost him Sh215k

Mixmaster DJ Mo has surprised his fans after getting himself a Samsung phone which is worth a piece of land in the city.

The father of two through his Insta stories told his fans that he had decided to get the phone worth Sh215k Samsung Galaxy Z Fold just for fun and to experience whether the price is worth it.

"Got it for fun....need to know why it's 215K."

This is not the only way he has proved that he is making good money.

He recently shared a newly furnished house for his parents revealing that it was one of his dreams come true.

He then revealed he owns rental houses after a fan told him he does not have a house for himself.

"I have two houses which I rent out, and I live well. Trust me, some of us don't shout a lot. Don't do stuff for people."

Despite being among the top successful people today, Mo has worked hard for his money. He told Mpasho.co.ke that he used to sleep on the corridor for lack of house rent.

"I have slept outside, kwa corridor ya mlango, coz most months I couldn’t pay rent in Githurai 44," he said.

Image: screenshot

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