• Amber Ray has opened up on the claim she steals women's husbands.
•  Amber Ray was married previously to two married men.

in a file photo
Amber Ray and Jimal Roho Safi in a file photo
Image: Instagram

Amber Ray has been in the news several times this month with one of the biggest stories being her online fight with Nicah the Queen.

Nicah had alleged that Amber uses witchcraft to steals people's husbands, something that caused a lot of negative comments on Amber's Instagram page.

Amber Ray vs Nicah the Queen
Image: Instagram

And it seems that something that happened a few weeks ago is still bedeviling her as witnessed in a recent QnA she participated in.

This was after Amber had asked fans to tell her one thing that she should stop doing. One brave follower told her to stop stealing women's husbands.

"Will you stop going for those men who have been taken?" one wanted to know. The controversial socialite addressed that claim head-on stating that she wasn't the one who seduced the married men, rather it was they who came for her.

in a file photo
Amber Ray with Jimal Roho Safi in a file photo
Image: Instagram

One can understand why Nicah and people of her ilk might think that Amber is a husband-snatcher One just needs to look at the socialite's dating history.

Amber has never seriously dated a man who isn't married apart from her brief fling with Brown Mauzo. Her other relationships with married men all ended up in flames.

Her first marriage to Zaheer Jhanda was fought from the beginning by his first wife Aaliyah, who claimed that Amber had used witchcraft to get her man.

in the past
Amber Ray and Zaheer Jhanda in the past
Image: Instagram

That wasn't all, Amber's marriage to already married entrepreneur, Jimal Rohosafi solidified the claim that she only dated cuffed men.

Her relationship with Jimal would also end after his first wife, Amira also came out against it. In this case, Jimal would be the one who ended up holding the bag as not only did Amber dump him but Amira too! Ouch!

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