Daddy Owen vows to hide his new love

• Daddy Owen is currently a single man after him marriage ended.

Daddy Owen with a friend
Image: Facebook

System Ya Kapungala hitmaker Daddy Owen has vowed not to introduce his new catch to the public.

Having gone through character development himself, Owen says he will keep his next relationship private.

Sharing a photo of himself and an unidentified woman, Owen says many have been asking if she is the one.

"Kuna bloggers wameshinda wakinitumia hizi picha kwa DM wanauliza "is she the one?"

Wacha niwajibu hapa hapa. Si yeye!! Na ata ile siku nitapata mtu aki nitamficha ka??

(There are bloggers who have been sending me these photos in my DM asking if she is the one.

Let me respond to you here,she is not the one. But even the day I get someone I will hide her.) He captioned the photo.

Owen had in the past talked about how depressed he became after his marriage failed.

Being a celebrity made things worse for him as people expect him to be perfect.

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