• Bien said the reality show was not natural and real apart from a few scenes.

Bien Aime Barasa at Sol Fest
Bien Aime Barasa at Sol Fest

Sauti Sol's Bien says he would not have liked to be featured in the 'Young Famous and African'. 

The show that premiered last week features a group of successful entrepreneurs and celebrities from Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa.

Speaking to Mpasho, Bien highlighted some of the reasons he would not have made it in the reality show.

Among the reasons, Bien said the reality show was not natural and real apart from a few scenes.

"I cannot go for the reality show. Young, famous and African. I am those three things but i don't see myself in that Genre of reality TV. I think its beautiful. I have watched it and I like it but it is not just not my genre. Ours is not glossy, glam and all that. We are all about being real. If it was more real, I would have wished to be featured."

Bien explained that he could not manage to look smart every day and that his life is a bit conserved.

"It is real especially where Diamond and Zari are speaking about their children, its real but at the same time, in my life, I am not always dressed well. If you look at the reality show, they are smart in all scenes. That s not how my life is. I can't imagine in that kind life. It is important for how people view Africans. Good job to them. I am also not dramatic or in scandals. My life is boring."

He also blasted Kenyans for criticizing Diamond Platnumz about his broken English.

Bien praised Diamond for being an amazing singer who is pushing himself hard.

"I see French people shrubbing when speaking English and people do not laugh at them. Most people speak English with an accent which means that they know a different language. I commend Diamond, he is an amazing G, the things he has done, he is making big money moves," he said.

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