• Kamene Goro revealed her big plans for the future in an interview with Mpasho.
• Kamene will make a club appearance today.

crying on her birthday
Kamene Goro crying crying on her birthday
Image: Mercy Mumo

Kamene Goro turned 30-years-old today in a memorable birthday that was celebrated by her family, friends, colleagues and fans.

After reaching the third floor we asked the curvaceous Kiss100 host a bunch of questions, which she gladly answered.

One of the questions we asked her was how she would be celebrating the day? She said that she would be going out. 

"We have a lot of work. We have a couple of clubs that we are going to be appearing at. So it's a big thing, so we want to have so much fun. I will be at a club called Laviva with Joe Mfalme and maybe Mbuzi Gang. Then on Saturday, I will be in Nakuru, Mejja will be performing."

Before adding,

"Nobody has told me anything babe. I don't know much about anything. My colleagues have really gone all out with this surprise. Yaani I have cried all I could. I don't think I can cry anymore."

crying on her 30th birthday
Kamene Goro crying on her 30th birthday
Image: Mercy Mumo

What has been her biggest achievement so far?

"My job," she started out. "Right now working on the show for the years that I have. It's been 10 years in media. I am hoping it comes with its fair share of opportunities," she said.

What are her future plans?

"I am hoping to invest a whole lot more. Or grow the currents investments I have like, 'This is Africa'. Probably take it to a regional level. I want to own a club or a bar. Probably build a hotel. Get a new car, maybe."

I really want to level up. I want my 30's to build me up for my retirement in the future," she concluded.

Watch the video below:

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