• "If you love your freedom and you can't persevere, stay single." - Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni
Image: Saidi Abdallah

Radio King Maina Kageni has opened up on his relationship status.

Maina says he does not have the perseverance to sustain a relationship.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Maina shared,

'Through my Morning show, I have learned not to judge. I have also learned that relationships thrive due to perseverance.

If you cannot persevere don't get into a relationship. I do not have perseverance.

I have also learned that you can never have enough freedom in a relationship, so if you love your freedom and you can't persevere, stay single."

Adding, "You know currently I can just wake up and decide to travel to Dar es Salaam on a Friday morning and I do not have to ask anyone for permission.

It's the best feeling ever."

Asked on whether he is single, Maina responded, "It depends on what you call single. Single is not having any sort of relationship. You can be almost taken but you are not taken.

Every woman has a guy she calls for booty calls. Lakini hiyo ya Kanisa na mambo ya akina Nadia na Arrow Bwoy hapana, never."

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