• Lulu Hassan has hosted Citizen Nipashe with her hubby since July 2018.
• The lovely TV anchor has been married to Rashid Abdalla for more than 13 years.

have worked together for the past couple of years
Lulu Hassan with Rashid Abdalla have worked together for the past couple of years
Image: Instagram

Swahili news anchor, Lulu Hassan, was recently a guest on Jeff Koinange's Hot96. During the show, she shared a fascinating opinion as far as spouses working together in the office goes.

She advocated for the notion saying that Kenya would be a much better country if employers allowed couples to work together.

“It's interesting. I think if all employers allowed for couples to work together, Kenya would be far ahead because it works."

She also disclosed that she normally shelves any anger she might have for Rashid before they hit the screens together. 

"We are all humans and sometimes we have disagreements. But I make sure to do away with my anger beef we go on screen because if I were mad at him on-air you would notice it. Working together cements the relationship because you have to make sure everything works.” 

The mother of 3 explained that Rashid was the peacemaker in their relationship and explained, “He doesn't leave an issue unsolved for over two hours.”

Lulu also had some advice for people looking to get married.

“Marry your friend," she advised. "We got married in 2009 and I have no idea how fast the time passed because we are friends," she reminisced.

Do you agree with Lulu's anecdote? Do you think working with your spouse would make Kenya better?

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