• Kibor  divorced his two wives after 42 and 50 years of marriage.

Mzee Jackson Kibor with his fourth wife Yunita at their home near Eldoret on September 9, 2020.
Mzee Jackson Kibor with his fourth wife Yunita at their home near Eldoret on September 9, 2020.

Mzee Kibor was loved and hated in equal measures thanks to his controversy.

Below are different times he hit the headlines for the wrong reasons

Attempting to shoot his son

In 2017 Mzee Kibor was arrested after attempting to shoot his son over land issues.

Kibor claimed that Mr Kipng'etich and three other sons armed with crude weapons arrived in a vehicle and he realised they wanted to harm him.

"I was standing here supervising the harrowing of my land before my son, who was with three other persons armed with rungus and machetes, arrived.

Ezekiel alighted and charged in my direction. I was reluctant at first but fired in his direction when I realized he meant to hurt me," he told the police at the time

Kibor said he intentionally fired away from Ezekiel, who had come close to him because he did not want to kill him but defend himself from the 'attackers'.

Divorcing his wives

In December 2018, A court in Eldoret granted Kibor another divorce from his third wife Naomi Jeptoo.

The ruling came barely a year after Kibor divorced his second wife Josephine.

Eldoret Principal Magistrate Naomi Wairimu granted Kibor divorce from Naomi after the old politician cited cruelty, unruly behaviour and lack of affection among others in his application for divorce.

"She has really frustrated me and teamed up with her children to even beat me at times. Am happy with the court ruling and I will even get fat", Kibor said after the ruling.

Kibor had been married to the third wife for more than 43 years and 52 years with the second wife who he divorced in 2017.

Wairimu said in her ruling that the marriage had irretrievably broken down.

Marrying a wife younger 50 years younger than him

In 2018 Kibor married his youngest wife Eunita who was 36 at the time, he was aged 86 then. (50 year difference)

Many thought the relationship wouldn't last but he has proven his critics wrong by staying married to her until his demise on Wednesday.

Kibor also made news for giving controversial advise on marriage and relationship

On different occasions, Kibor has advised men to get married to second wives if the first wife is being troublesome.

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