• Anerlisa Muigai is the Keroche Breweries heiress

Anerlisa Muigai
Image: Courtesy

Heiress Anerlisa Muigai has celebrated the win for the family business Keroche Breweries.

The company has reached a new deal to pay undisputed tax arrears to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in two years.

Through her Instagram page, the heiress shared a post by Mpasho.co.ke reshared by actor Keith Chuaga, which read;

"Who's buying a summit we toast to Kenyan smes"

Anerlisa's Screengrab
Anerlisa's Screengrab
Image: courtesy

Previously, she has shared her thoughts on an Insta-story after the plant was closed down.

She said, "It's so sad that Keroche has been shut down and nobody seems to want to listen, help or negotiate"

"We ( Nero Company ) happen to share the same compound with them and I must say, it has been very sad seeing Keroche closed for two months and even worse, about 650 people are stranded wondering when Keroche will start being operational and are also at risk of losing their jobs"

Adding "Every time I ask myself if at all a big company like Keroche can be shut down just like that how do we and other upcoming businesses get the strength to continue running our businesses?"

"How do you get your taxes paid by closing Keroche and on top of that you tell all the banks not to give them a loan. How inhuman can one get? At this point, I'll leave everything to God. May God help us all."

Keroche chief executive officer Tabitha Karanja had earlier requested for the plant to be re-opened.

Now, that has come to fruition after a cordial meeting with KRA.

In a press release to media houses, the Keroche family via Tabitha Karanja the CEO, said, "A thousand words cannot clothe the emotions that define our gratitude to the people of Kenya for the support you have shown us. As Keroche Family, from the bottom of our hearts, we are more than grateful and saying thank you to you all is not enough. We are because you stood with us."

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