• Diamond accused Harmonize of forcing beef with him.

Diamond Platnumz has warned his nemesis to stop chasing clout using his name.

The 'Nawaza' hitmaker was speaking during an exclusive interview with Wasafi where he said he addressed most of his problems in the industry.

Diamond was asked to respond to allegations that he used Harmonize

Diamond accused Harmonize of forcing beef with him.

In November last year, Diamond claimed that the WCB management slandered him after he started rising in the industry in Tanzania adding that he was starting to be seen as Diamond's rival.

Harmonize further explained that he even sought help from others, including Mama Dangote (Diamond’s mother), but it was all in vain.

He added that chasing his dreams was mistaken for him trying to overtake Diamond in the music industry, accusing the Wasafi CEO of intentionally creating a dispute with any successful Tanzanian artist.

Diamond responded to those allegations by Harmonize saying he (Harmonize) has no intention to misuse artists.

"There are things I don't follow up on or even listen to. He has no respect towards me but at some point in life, you cannot deny people their right to speak. We (Wasafi) don't have any intention to misuse artist," he said.

He added;

"I don't look at money, but my aim is that artists can succeed. It is not easy to sign artists and they shine even after they are independent.

I used to get hurt with what he speaks out after he left, but I no longer care. People know what is right and wrong. I believe in myself so much. Everyone has their own path."

Diamond insisted that artists should focus on working hard.

"You cannot listen to my songs only, and so I do not have any intentions to bring anyone down. Nobody can bring you down, you work on your own downfall. There are so many opportunities for all of us artists.

We should stop focusing on Diamond as artists. You will not grow if you keep on following and beefing on each other."

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