Elodie Zone: I have old fashioned ways when it comes to family planning

Her body does not take foreign things.


• "I don't believe in ingesting anything, in inserting anything." Elodie Zone 

Elodie Zone
Elodie Zone
Image: Instagram

During her recent Q&A on Instagram, as Elodie Zone cleared up most rumours surrounding her previous relationships a fan decided to take the opportunity to ask about Elodie's private life.

The said person went ahead to ask about the media personalities' preferred method of birth control.

To the surprise of everyone, Elodie went ahead and not only acknowledged but answered the question without annoyance or sarcasm.

"Many of you will not agree with me on this I have very old school beliefs when it comes to family planning." She stated in her response video.

"I'd just recommend you use a condom. I don't believe in ingesting anything, in inserting anything... I just feel like my body wasn't meant to have foreign things in it." She added.

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