• Kenyans would even leave their cars and other valuable things to grab something of less importance.

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Kenya is among the most diverse countries in the world with many ethnic groups and cultural diversity.

Having over 40 tribes, the country is quite blessed as we all have different cultural backgrounds and yet we find common things that unite us.

From memes to gossip, here is a list of odd things that unite Kenyans. 


Ever heard of meme lords? These are just like tea masters.

They create funny memes/videos and post them on all social media platforms where Kenyans can access them and be entertained, laughing their problems out.

If you frequently get the "nitumie hii"(send me this) message, then you know you are already a meme lord.

leaked videos and photos

Everyone wants the tea. When a video or photos go viral, then they probably must be of steamy private affairs.

Most are usually gory and sexual where only people with "connects" are the first to get hold of the video.

When requesting for the videos, tribe or race does not apply as what we all want is 'tea".

In most instances, the videos normally circulate on WhatsApp status whereby we request for the videos on other people's statuses.

Crossing busy roads

There is a unity that comes with crossing a busy road.

Pedestrians will always cut traffic, cross the roads and help each other cross the road but once they are on the other side, they become strangers.

They also tend to squeeze themselves to the far end and away from approaching cars so just in case something happens, they won't be the ones at a higher risk.


It's funny how Kenyans can be united by talking about other people's businesses.

Poking their noses at other people's businesses especially celebrities and socialites in the limelight.

Sending snippets and joining the dots about rumors about pregnancy, divorce, bedroom affairs, and even new relationships in town.

Who is doing the most for their partners among others?


Breaking the law

We all have an urge of breaking the law and doing the complete opposite of what is demanded of us.

No smoking, don't litter here, and don't urinate here are amongst the most broken public laws in Kenya.

You find Kenyans disobeying the simple rules and complaining about the lawmakers.


People love free things and when there is a chance to get these free things, we scramble for them without second thoughts.

Kenyans would even leave their cars and other valuable things to grab something of less importance. In most cases, looting incidents in Kenya have occurred especially on petroleum tracks.

Recently, there was an incident in Thika Superhighway when a maize truck lost control and fell poring bags of maize on the road.


This is common especially on Twitter when a politician and celebrities are the ones who have often faced the wrath of bullies commonly known as KOT.

According to a survey by the United Nations on Drugs and crime, Kenya has been ranked as the worst bullies on Twitter.

The trending hashtag "Kwani wewe ni mwanamke" 

Fight for justice

When it comes to fighting for justice, no one will care about your surname or political affiliation. It is justice or justice. Nothing more.

Kenyans tend to forget where you come from or your tribe when they are calling out the government for justice to be served.

A fresh incident happened on forest road where a diplomat lady was sexually harassed by bodaboda guys. It was Kenyans versus the motorbike guys until the government intervened.

What other thing connects us as Kenyans?

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