New beginnings for Stevo Simple Boy

Stevo has been having problems with his management.

• Stevo was looking all groomed with khaki pants, a black turtle neck shirt and a tuxedo coat. 

Stevo Simple Boy
Image: Instagram

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy is on to new beginnings, with a new Instagram account. 

While alerting his fans to follow him on the new page, Stevo hinted that there was an issue that led to him leaving his previous platform. 

"Wakenya na mafans wangu naomba support yenu ya duniya ni mengi, follow account yangu mpya nitashukuru sana ndio maanake. 

(Kenyans and my fans, I am asking for your support. Follow my new account, I will be grateful.)," Stevo wrote. 

The new beginning came with a new look for Stevo, who was looking all groomed with Khaki pants, a black turtle neck shirt and a tuxedo coat.

The opening of new accounts also hints that earlier reports on Stevo Simple Boy's management mistreating him could be true. 

It was alleged that the management has been underpaying Stevo and denying him access to the media and social media accounts.

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