I'm in love-Carrol Sonie says as Madini Classic flirts with her

• Madini Classic hinted that he wanted a second wife.
• Sonie herself has said that she's in love

Carrol Sonie
Madini Classic holding Carrol Sonie
Image: Instagram

This weekend, Mulamwah's baby mama, Carrol Sonie, got tongues wagging after being spotted with musician, Madini Classic.

Yesterday, Madini decided to post a photo of the two holding each other intimately. The best part was Madini's caption which read, "Call me Mr. Polygamous. Wife number 2."

The photo has caused a lot of debate online with many wondering whether the two are actually dating or were they just promoting a yet-to-be-released song?

But that's not all, Sonie herself added more fuel to the fire in a recent video that she posted on her Instagram page where she was seen dancing to one of Otile Brown's love songs.

Again just like in Madini's case, the caption of her video was interesting, to say the least with the mother of one saying that she was in love (With who? We don't know yet).

But Madini wasn't done flirting with the singer and responded to Carrol's post by calling her a 'superwoman'.

Carrol Sonie screenshot
Image: Instagram

Despite all the lovey-dovey actions of the two, my feeling is that Carrol is the video vixen in Madini's new music video. I might be wrong but their relationship seems very contrived.

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