• "It reached a point where I stopped going to the office," Kamene Goro.

Kamene Goro in studio.
Kamene Goro in studio.
Image: Courtesy

Kamene Goro has opened up about a previous workplace that was really toxic. The Kiss FM radio host says at some point she even stopped going to work. 

Even though she did not mention the company, we suspect it is Ebru TV where she worked as a news host as it was the only place she worked as a news anchor.

Sharing her experience with her co-host Oga Obinna, Kamene narrated,

"Working at Radio Africa is my first job before I traveled out of the country. I then came back and got a job as a news editor. At the time I was a baby girl so I had to learn to be tough."

Kamene says although she was getting a good salary, it reached a point where she no longer enjoyed her job.

"It reached a point where I stopped going to the office. If I woke up and my mind was not in the frame to go to the office I wouldn't go. There is a day I refused to read the news."

Asked who read news on that day, Kamene responded;

"Do I know?


"The most toxic work places pay the best."

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