• Lulu Hassan would anchor news to her mum

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah
Image: Instagram

Citizen TV news anchor says her mum always wanted her to become a TV personality.

Speaking to Hot-96, Lulu said it was something she always wanted her to do.

"This was something my mom wanted, she always said she wanted me to be on TV. It was a breakthrough...but she passed on nikiwa radio," she said.

The Swahili news anchor added that she started practising lines in front of her mother with the newspaper she carried home from her workplace.

She was a receptionist then.

"I used to read to my mother, and she was like, ‘You have a good voice and you can do it."

She advises young people;

''Follow your instincts first, if it's something you need badly, go for it, listen to people also but not the naysayers," she said.

Lulu anchors news with her husband Rashid Abdalla and runs Jiffy production that produces some of the best TV shows like, Maria, Zora and others.

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