Arrow Bwoy reveals why they did not invite Jalango to their special day


• The couple were at loggerheads with Jalang'o over the pregnancy rumours.

• 'Jalango texted his apology as he knew he did not do right that's why he reached out.' - Arrow Bwoy

Image: Instagram

Yesterday, the dazzling couple, Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami revealed their pregnancy during their foundation launch.

Speaking with on Eve Mungai's channel, Arrow Bwoy revealed the reason why they never invited Jalas to the Big reveal event.

The couple had previously had a fall out with Jalas after Jalas broke the news about Nadia's pregnancy without their consent.

The popular dance hall star lamented over the comedian's actions as he felt like he overstepped and should have respected their privacy. 

"It wasn't cool at all anybody knows that. Family issues are family issues. And pregnancy issue is a sensitive issue only ladies know it best. Even myself I have never announced considering I am the father."

The Digidigi hitmaker said that there was a reason they had not yet gone public and that Jalas should have respected that. 

"I wanted to do it when she was ready to say it. There are a lot of things that were happening as she was chasing big deals and her mental state was not ready."

He concludes by revealing that they received an apology from Jalas via a text as he had learnt of his mistake.

He cleared the air on the rumoured beef between them and Jalas and said, "I think he learned. Of course, he apologized to us.

He texted his apology as he knew he did not do right that's why he reached out. We don't have any bad blood but it's also a lesson out there for people to respect boundaries."

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