•Mwalimu says men have  been ignored by the government and the society as a whole.

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

Maina Kageni's co-host Mwalimu King'angi is disappointed.

The witty presenter says it's a shame on the double standards society has set when it comes to solving.

Don't get it twisted, Mwalimu does not condone violence or sexual harassment on women.

He just wishes the same energy applied when solving these issues would be applied when handling issues affecting men.

Speaking during the Morning Conversation on Classic 105, he shared, "Where are men's rights? We support the action they have taken on issues affecting women 100% but we would also love to be supported.

Especially If a man is beaten, if he has his property taken away, if he has been denied access to the kids."

Adding, "Men's rights are ignored, they are suffering because there is no organization defending the men in Kenya. That is why pressure is killing men."


Mwalimu was reacting to Bien's sentiments where he asked men to stop crying foul just because women are supported more.

Do you agree with Mwalimu that men have been ignored?

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