'I have been married for 8 years and I still date my ex,' - caller confesses to Maina Kageni

• 'I have a daughter with my ex.' - Rhoda confessed

Cheating illustration
Cheating illustration
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During the Morning Conversation, men were lamenting about how easily they are caught when they stray.

According to men, the ladies have perfected the art of cheating hence they are rarely never caught.

*Rhoda called in narrating about how she is dating her ex and her husband co-currently.'I have been married for 8 years and I still date my ex.

What are the signs that he/she is being unfaithful #MainaAndKingangi

My husband doesn't know about it, my ex does not know that I am married. I even talk to my ex on a video call, before my husband comes home."

Rhoda says she even has a kid with her ex and her husband is clueless about it.

"I have a daughter with my ex, and I have two kids with my husband yet he does not know the small girl isn't his. I meet my ex twice a month.

Most men get caught because they change their behaviour. Men will start calling you nasty names once they start seeing another woman.

My husband tried cheating on me and I had found out by week 2."

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