• Women will only celebrate once the rates of sexual abuse, femicides, and sexual exploitation go down.

Sad Woman
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As the world marks International Women's day, there is nothing worth celebrating about being a woman in Kenya.

Despite us being in 2022, there are so many things that need to be done before we can get to a point of being proud women in the 254.

Below are some of the things that make it hard being a woman in Kenya

Sexual abuse

Every day we wake up to the news of women and girls being sexually abused.

The culprits are sometimes family, jilted lovers, and to some extent strangers.

Just days ago a woman was sexually harassed on Forest Road after she got involved in an accident involving a bodaboda rider.


Women are being killed left right and center. Some of these murders are caused by jilted lovers.

While some are a result of domestic violence. For the women who don't die most are left traumatised for life.

Others are left disabled or nursing a lifetime of injuries. The sad thing is that such murders do not only involve poor women but also women of class.

In late 2021 Kenyan athlete, Agnes Tirop was allegedly murdered by her husband.

Before her, countless women had been killed and sadly, the number still continues to grow.

The Kenyan police are trying to help but most cases are never solved as they are termed 'Mambo ya kinyumbani.'

Teenage pregnancies

So many girls have dropped out of school due to teenage pregnancies.

Many of these cases are from sexual abuse. Others are from exploitation by men who take advantage of the girls' poor background.

Some of these girls can barely afford the basic stuff such as sanitary towels hence they sleep with men in exchange for cash.

Most of them end up pregnant and alone.

Sexual exploitation at job places

Jobs are hard to come by in Kenya.

For women, it is twice as hard as some people want sexual favours in exchange for the job. 

Such behaviour applies even to women who have the qualifications for such jobs. When turned down such men deny the women the jobs. If not they frustrate such women to an extent they end up resigning.

What other challenge are you currently going on? Also, how are you celebrating International Women's day today?

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