• The star-studded TV show with a tear-jacking story line is set to go live today.

Sultana to replace Zora
Image: Instagram

The new drama series set to replace Zora is set to air today.

The show budded 'Sultana' was unveiled by Lulu Hassan using her Instagram page, with the CEO of Jiffy Pictures sharing the series trailer of the show, a 0.43 seconds video.

Sultana is a story about a young girl who was pronounced dead during birth. The reason for this was so she could hide her identity in a family that values male children as her father wanted a son.

Abandoned by her mother, the young girl is then adopted and cared for by a midwife who helped her mother give birth.

She then overcomes all the life challenges despite being blind. She then goes ahead to look for happiness, fight poverty and overcome stigma.

The show has a total number of 374 episodes as of now.

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