The discovery that changed Lillian Ng'ang'a's life 4 years ago

Juliani's wife reveals the one discovery that really changed her worldview

Lilian Ng'ang'a
Lilian Ng'ang'a
Image: Courtesy

Lillian Ng'ang'a is currently pregnant with her hubby, Juliani's child, with the former Machakos first lady seeming to be in a great place psychologically.

This morning the business lady came out to reveal one great epiphany that she had had 4 years ago that had really changed her life.

She disclosed this on her Instagram page writing,

"I discovered minimalism 4 years ago and life has never been the same. No hoarding, no impulse purchases, no clutter. Pure bliss!"

She then went on to ask her fans and followers what they should have let go of, saying,

"Are there things in your home( no rejects) that you have to let go of? I have an idea."

Lillian Ng'ang'a screenshot
Image: Courtesy

Lillian of course de-cluttered her relationship closet when she parted ways with Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua in August last year.

The pretty dark-skinned lady also had another major realisation in 2017 that would be the trigger for her eventual break-up with the politician

During an interview with the Sunday Nation in November 2021, Lillian divulged her first ‘reawakening’ had began after she returned from a trip sometime in 2017.

Lilian Nganga and Alfred Mutua
Image: Instagram

This happened when one of her bodyguards who had just dropped her home later on died in a road accident.

She said that he wasn't even mourned and life went on as if nothing had happened. But that wasn't all, more was to follow,

"Then my personal driver also later died and the same thing happened. In fact, I got a new driver the following morning. The two incidents hit me hard. That disregard for their lives, just because they were security officers, also contributed to me separating from Alfred. I was like, so if it was me dead, then this is how life would have continued."

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