Times Karen Nyamu proved pregnancy is not a limitation

Karen Nyamu says she has strong support system

• The aspiring Nairobi Senator would hit campaign trails and move around with other politicians. 

Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu
Image: courtesy

City lawyer cum politician Karen Nyamu recently gave birth to her third born daughter, that she has named Njeri. 

On Saturday, she took to her social media to post a picture of the baby's cute hands with a caption; "Grateful. We give you all the glory."

All through her pregnancy, Karen proved to be a strong woman, and not to be limited by the same. 

The aspiring Nairobi Senator would hit campaign trails and move around with other politicians. 

Whereas this left many netizens in shock, Karen would say that she is strong and the condition does not limit her. 

On the campaign trail, Karen had a team of youths responsible for her security. 

"The youths are my security. If you see me somewhere just know that I have a group of over a hundred young people taking care of my security and they are on my payroll on that day. My way is always very clear as I walk to the podium and going to my car," she told Mpasho in a past interview. 

Another instance when Karen left tongues wagging is after jumping off a truck during campaigns. 

Then, she was up and about, distributing goats for Nairobians to enjoy the festive season.

Karen Nyamu distributing goats in Nairobi
Karen Nyamu distributing goats in Nairobi
Image: Courtesy

Last year, a heavily pregnant Karen Nyamu surprised many with her dance moves during the Luo Festival night. 

There, she took to the stage and danced to 'Kanungo' hit, moving her waist swiftly just like Luo dancers do it. 

The crowd was amazed by her moves, wondering how flexible she could be. 

In a past interview with Mpasho, Karen maintained that she derives her strength from support systems around her. 

This, she said, will enable her bounce back to the campaign trail as her daughter grows up.

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