'Corazon wants Frankie back,' - exposes Maina Kageni

• "Are you going to thank him for your rent every month? Goma!" - Maina Kageni

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Kiarie
Image: Mercy Mumo

Radio King Maina Kageni says it looks like Corazon Kwamboka still wants her baby daddy, Frankie Kiarie.

This was after she took to her socials thanking him for being a present dad despite the couple breaking up.

Maina says it is his responsibility hence she shouldn't thank him.

Speaking during the Morning Conversation on Classic 105 he said, "Corazon please pull down that post, It looks like you want Frankie bad. Are you going to thank him for your rent every month?? Goma!! (Madness!!)"


"She is a lawyer she does not need a man. Thank you for what?  A woman can have kids with five men and decided to go to the sixth man and all the other men should still support their kids."

Maina explained, "Breaking up with a woman doesn't mean the kids stop being yours. If you did not go that extra mile that child would not have been born, that is your responsibility

How can you walk around knowing you have kids and you are not bothered? Kwani wewe ni mbu?"

Mwalimu says women should appreciate because it is not easy to provide for a woman when you are no longer together.

"It takes a lot when you break up with someone and you continue supporting them. What is so hard appreciating your man?"

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