• Carrol Sonie says she hopes Mulamwah will be in the life of their daughter Keilah.

Carrol Sonie at the Radio Jambo studios
Carrol Sonie at the Radio Jambo studios

Mulamwah's ex Carrol 'Sonie' Muthoni has opened up on how she felt over his 'quick-moving on.

The mother of one says she wasn't shocked at how quickly Mulamwah moved on and introduced his new bae on social media.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni on Ilikuwaje, Sonie said

"Someone told me men move on very fast. I was not surprised. I was not hurt. I had seen a lot of things so my expectations had gone down."

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Asked whether she knew Mulamwah's new bae, Sonie responded, "I had seen the girl on social media. I had done my investigations."

Sonie says the only thing that would have made her not date Mulamwah was if he had a baby mama when they met.

"I never asked him about his exes. I only asked him if he had a baby mama because I did not want to date him if he had a baby mama."

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