The DJ was inundated with questions about her relationship status

Pierra Makena
Image: Instagram

Dj Pierra Makena’s dating life was the subject of a QnA yesterday night.

Pierra told fans to ask her anything and many wanted to know if she is a member of the rainbow nation.

She was also asked if she has a relationship with make-up artist, Phoina who ended her friendship with socialite Amber Ray.

One fan asked ‘Are you a rainbow’? She answered ‘Why? Are you?’

Image: Moses Mwangi

Another asked ‘Are you single or is that private?’ Pierra told ‘I don’t think I am single at the moment.'

The third question was ‘Do you have a thing for Phoina Tosha?’ Pierra shared a video clip hanging out with Phoina and answered ‘What kind of a thing,’ adding laughing emoji’s and tagging Phoina.

Several more questions on her dating life led her to answer, ‘Why are you asking and you are not single and then ‘hehehehe just know I am not married yet!!!’

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