Only cowards beat women-DJ Shiti responds to domestic violence allegations

• Shiti says nothing and no one can bring him down.

DJ Shiti
Image: Instagram

Real House help of Kawangware actor, DJ Shiti, has refuted claims that he is a wife/woman beater.

The comedian was responding to allegations by a woman on social media claiming Shiti made her miscarry.

"That man once beat me in Athi River and I lost my kid. He should lower his ego and apologize to us," Said the woman.

Asked if it was true, he battered a lady leading to a miscarriage; he denied ever doing such a thing.

"Sijawahi piga dem. Me hupigana na wanaume (I have never beaten a woman. I only fight with men). Only cowards beat women," he said. 

Shiti had earlier been exposed by his mama who alleged he only sends Ksh 150 as upkeep.

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