Makena Njeri and Chimano upset after police cancelled concert

The two LGBTQ proponents are up in arms over the concert cancellation

Image: Instagram

This weekend's biggest event, the Love and Harmony concert headlined by Sauti Sol was cancelled just hours before the day.

The reasons are still up in the air with Sauti Sol themselves stumped at why the police refused them to proceed with the event.

Others like Bold Network's CEO Makena Njeri and Sauti Sol's own Chimano, have come out to express their disappointment at what happened.

"As partners, we did our best to support the event as well. However, the last week has been nothing but pure frustration with unclear reasons from the Kenya Police. We did our best to get another venue and keep the show going. The same thing happened again. Without any clear explanation or legal documentation, we were told to cancel our event," she said.

She added that the police had said the reason the for the cancellation was security reasons. But Makena didn't understand why the concert alone had been cancelled while other evens have been left to go on.

"When they push us to the wall, what they don’t realize is that we don’t just give up and stop. We keep doing the work because as I keep saying, we want better for the next generation. We want to ensure that they are not silenced," she added.

Chimano himself said that the move had strengthened his resolve, writing on his Instagram page, "Bullies never win..... You've only made my resolve stronger. You may have gotten your cute little way this time but the show that I've been working so hard on will be seen! Take that as fact!..."

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