The actress spoke about a significant other who hadn't appreciated the value of a wife or family

Benjamin Ayimba and Nyaboke Moraa
Image: Courtesy

Actress and content creator, Nyaboke Moraa, spoke about the lessons that she had learnt over the years in her relationships. 

Nyaboke who had 2 kids with the late rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba, revealed this information in an interview with Nana Owiti on her YouTube channel.

She added that her eulogising Ayimba on social media after his death had affected her with many people trolling her.

When Ayimba died on Friday, May 21, 2021, she went on social media to express her sad feelings.

She also spoke about dealing with a significant other who didn't hold wife and family in high regard.

"I grew up seeing my mom and dad together up until my dad passed on in 2016. Unfortunately, I got someone who came from a very dysfunctional family. I got into a relationship thinking I have to have a perfect marriage like my mom and dad, and then you get this person who does not see the value of family or a wife," she explained.

In the past, the mother of 4 has revealed that the father of her first two kids is present in his kids' lives and appreciated him for that. "Just because we aren't together do not mean that the kids should suffer. Someone can be a terrible partner but a good father," she said. 

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