• The couples have proven marriage works if you out in the work.

Couples serving couple goals
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Being in the limelight is never an easy task with the trolls being on your neck always and watching every move you make.

Even with the failing marriages, we’ve seen couples take care of their reputation and maintain an admirable marriage life.

Here is a list of five Kenyan celebrity couples who have managed to pull through and are serving couple goals.

Rosemary Kagwi (Wahu) and David Mathenge (Nameless)

The two celebrated big-time artists have been Kenyan's favorite couple by being in a solid marriage for over a decade.

The couple met on campus and tied the knot in September 2005 marking seventeen years of marriage.

They have been role models to most young celebrity couples for being the strong couple they are despite the challenges that come with fame.

The two are blessed with two lovely daughters,Nyakio and Tumiso who are famous on TikTok for their dance moves with their family.

The couple has documented a reality show on show max titled My Love which talks about their love journey.

Wahu and Nameless
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Catherine Kamau and Phillip Karanja

The famous mother in law actress,Catherine kamau also known as Celina is happily married to Phillip karanja who was a Tahidi high actor back then and went by the name Melvin.

The two got acquainted when Phillip got the chance to direct the local TV show Mother in law.

Phillip is currently a film director for local television shows aired on Maisha magic and is a father of two amazing children,Leon and Njeri.

The two exchanged vows in November 2017 at Windsor Country Club and have been tighter than ever.

Kate Actress and her hubby Phil Karanja
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Celestine Ndinda (Wakavinye) and Timothy Kimani (Njugush)

Comedian Njugush has served couple goals alongside her beautiful wife Celestine Ndinda who are both blessed with a three year old son popularly known as Tugi.

Njugush rose to fame after featuring on the local TV show ‘The Real House Helps of Kawangware’ being the funniest man on the show.

He met his better half Cele way back in campus and they have been together ever since.

They both have YouTube channels named after Njugush with videos of how couples should be there for each other and other entertaining videos.

Njugush with his wife and son
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Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah

Media personality Lulu Hassan and her hubby Rashid are a powerful TV power couple with everything one admires in marriage.

The Citizen TV co-hosts have been married for over a decade and have been blessed with two boys and a daughter.

Their marriage seems perfect for their lack of drama and getting attention for the wrong reasons but they Say that marriage is never a bed of roses.

They both share intimate messages on their pages, appreciating each other and giving couple advice to everyone looking up to them.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah
Image: Instagram

Abel Mutual and Judy Nyawira

The famous Tahidi high actor Abel popularly known as Freddie tied the knot with the beautiful Judy Nyawira and are both blessed with a lovely daughter, Mumbua.

They both met at the Kenya School of Mass Communication where she was a first year and Abel was at his final year.

The nineteen year old Judy started dating the 28 year old Abel and have been married for over a decade.

Abel Mutua with his family
Abel Mutua with his family
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